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Enjoy a solution to Foot Pain And Plantar Fasciitis that last. Don’t spend money on insoles that only lasts for a week or foam insoles that can put you in a negative spiral of retaining a bad posture and foot imprint

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Conveniently filters out the bad and protects what’s good

Many solutions to foot pain are temporary as insoles need to be replaced or only manages to shift the pain from one part of the foot to another, giving the impression of relief.

PureInsoles are medically supported and designed by orthopedic professionals and will improve your leg pain and quality of life.

PureInsoles realign your foot muscles, tendons and stimulate blood circulation to help unravel and repair the ongoing painful leg and foot conditions and misalignments that are created over time.

Honeycomb Pattern

Cushions without stressing skin


Multi-row ventilation holes

U-shaped Heel Cup

Stabilizes and reduces friction

Structural Integrity

Doesn’t succumb to negative footprint

The Best Way To Avoid A Catch 22 Solution

It's unfathomable that such a big portion of people suffer from pain in their feet without being able to get long lasting help or relief. Resulting in health risks and overall loss of energy and quality of life due to feeling restricted and unable to move around without pain.

And there is no reason for it to be like that!

Traditional treatments for leg and foot pain are so temporary that they never truly fix the problem at its roots. Forcing patients to come back for more physiotherapy or constantly buying new insoles. The economic initiative to keep the status quo is obvious.

The real danger is that traditional insoles tend to change over time and take on the imprint of the patient's posture and stance, meaning that the insole is actually contributing to the problem.

But PureInsoles has solved all of these problems and more! Now you can finally relieve your feet of pain while correcting the problem at the same time!

Long Lasting, Relieving and Correcting

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Experience Movement Without Pain

The Doc Soles research team has worked tirelessly to bring you the best possible fit and level of comfort needed to provide ongoing physical improvements to your feet, legs and body.

Improve your Biomechanical alignment and help take the stress off your feet from standing for long periods of time.

The PureInsoles combines both pressure relieving and directional adjusting material in a specific shape that only relieves your foot where it causes pain while maintaining a firm edge to align your stance properly.

Let Pure Insole help you to shake off an old painful habit and break in a comfortable new.


The concept behind Pure Insole is developed with the intent of making any other insole or treatment obsolete. The Goal Is not to keep you coming back for new Insoles, but instead to make you a happy proof that PureInsole is the go-to solution for anyone with foot pain.


For an unbeatable price of $59.98, the PureInsole is doing everything it possibly can to encourage people to try it out and spread the word.

No maintenance

Many competing Insoles require a lot of maintenance as they accumulate smell and get worn down to the point where they cause more harm than good. But the PureInsole isn’t as brittle as other Insoles. Instead they guide your feet into proper alignment with your hip while still providing comfortable relief and cushioning support.


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    Relief for travellers, athletes, workers, professionals and the elderly.


    Iron-Clad 30 Day, Guarantee means YOU RISK NOTHING!


    Easily Customisable PureInsoles will fit almost ANY shoe you have!

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Don’t take our word for it. Since launch we’ve received over 10,000 five star reviews from people that like to stay cool all over the world. We love our customers and their feedback means the world to us. We value your every step taken forward to a healthier life!

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